Favorites was a weekly email of amazing photography curated by yours truly, Heather Champ. Subscribers sent in their best photo of the week and emails were sent for 17 weeks, with the last email being sent on November 24, 2013.

Why do this?
Our photos go so many places now with such quickness that it's easy to miss the truly awesome ones. While I love taking photos, I enjoy curation so much more. It's what I loved most working on JPG Magazine and Flickr.

Why email?
So you can enjoy the week's selections at your convenience. I didn't want to create yet another site to bookmark or app to install. I was also inspired by Miranda July's We Think Alone and Kaitlyn Reed's PhotoYOLO. The ephemerality of email makes these little communications more personal.

© 2013 Heather Champ.